Page 190 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 190

means which prevents us from talking in the wrong way, such as backbiting and spreading tales and their like. When we are not remembering Him while talking, we should note that we are talking incorrectly.
Remembrance of the Oneness is characterised among other things by the following principles:
1. Longing: If we experience that same longing and thirst for union with Master as the one who is getting drowned then we are sure to realise Him.
2. Peace of mind: If we have the peace of a frozen lake, then too we will realize Him.
3. Humility: If we have humility of earth, which can be molded into any shape then we will know Him.
4. Desperation: If we experience the desperation that causes a person to seek death and feel we cannot live without seeing Him, then we will see Him.

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