Page 194 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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“It is the Divine Command and therefore it is my duty to do so”
This advice of the Master is given in the message ― Way to Perfection‖ and is essentially a procedure to be followed for retaining the remembrance of God at all times that ensures development of a deep attachment to the Divine and to a state in which love for Him develops and overflows. This attitude may also be considered as our walking in the will of God. It produces in us a distinctive life-style. There will be certain characteristics which will be true of all aspirants in the path in all places and in every age. There are abiding qualities about true sadhakas which would make them recognizable by their co travelers in the path.
If every act we do is to be in the spirit that  ̳this is the order of my Master  ̳the question arises,  ̳what is the will of Master in this particular, unique situation in which I find myself?‘ We have to face the issue of the nature of the principles which govern
    Seminar 17th September 2006

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