Page 29 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 29

be pleasant for activities which are least spiritual. The habit of either hearing a good music which satisfies the carnal plane or viewing some videos which gratify directly or indirectly the lower order mental activities is also prevalent in most of the homes. Any alteration in this is bound to result in some misunderstanding with the spouses.  ̳What if?‘ I can pray where ever I want to and it is the will that matters‘ is a naïve answer. The atmosphere and the thoughts prevailing in the atmosphere are the main factors that affect our action. In this context alone I said quite some time back that we should not meditate on the bed itself.
I am reminded of the importance of the thoughts in the atmosphere emphasized in an ancient story of our country. I do not remember the source from which I got this story. But briefly it is like this: There was an young farmer named Raju who worked hard on his land. One evening, as he rested under a banyan tree, the royal herald rode by announcing that the king had an unusual dream. Whoever could explain it to his satisfaction would receive 100 gold coins. In his dream, the king saw a

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