Page 32 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 32

now rest in peace. This time Raju received 10,000 gold coins.
This time Raju hurried to the banyan tree, and offered to the bird the entire amount in total surrender. The bird, however, had no use for it and advised Raju to spend it on the people's welfare. A tearful Raju pleaded for pardon for his bad conduct. The bird astonishingly said  ╠│What is your conduct in this matter? On the first occasion, there was treachery in the atmosphere; the second time, there was violence in the atmosphere, and now there is peace and trust in the atmosphere. Please know that no one really acts according to his personal will.'
If we were to choose a single event in our daily living that is most common, it would perhaps be the fact that in almost any group or class of people in the society, the subject of the conversation is a happening for which someone is being blamed: someone is responsible, someone should be punished! This has become the very basis of living and has been causing the 'suffering'.

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