Page 100 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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your lower nature. The infusion of Pranahuti enables us to think how much the divine seeks us. I don't think it is so much we who seek the divine; it is the divine who seeks us. He seeks us so that there is more harmony in this world. God wants to have his kingdom here now and not elsewhere. That is an escapist doctrine to think the kingdom of God is elsewhere. But when we talk about happiness here, we are not talking about pleasure, or ways of easy going. Happiness is not related to easy going temperament. Hard work gives us happiness. This is a fundamental point that you and I are struggling to show to the world, as grhastas. Yes, we live happily, we accept the challenges of life, all problems that come to us in life. We accept it, face it, shout at the problem, cry at the problem, but still we are the people who are struggling with it. But whenever we try to solve the problem of the lower nature with vehemence or with violent methods of repression and suppression, we fail. We have been failing. It brings a lot of disharmony, apart from our failing. When something wrong goes with somebody and you start shouting at him, you are bringing more friction than necessary. It is a problem with children, it is a problem with parents, it is a problem with spouses. It is problem with business people or
bosses. In every case when we try to react to the 88

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