Page 12 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 12

circumference where they will talk about the love of the Great Master.
I thought a few words may help you maintain the
consciousness. I share with you.
O Love I give myself to thee thy never only thine to be.
O Love, not a Master here, we are calling him Love, we are dear to him, he is our lover, I give myself to Thee, thy never only thine to be. I am yours and forever yours. I remembered one more where a great seeker tells us, co-seekers
"Has thou not heard his silent steps he comes, comes ever comes”.
My idea in telling this thought is, during meditation we know that he comes to you more consciously, more vividly, you are aware of the deep silence, the deep silence of love, the intimacy between only the lover and the beloved. The intimacy and silence is unique, individual and cannot be compared with anybody else because such comparisons have been made saying that so and so person is more blessed, so and so person is less blessed. All are blessed. God’s love knows no limitations. While it is an individual relationship for us, for him it’s a unique relationship with all. With these few thoughts on

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