Page 128 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 128

associates who are doctors inform me that many a case is recorded where the pain is felt in the limb that is not there due to amputation or otherwise lost. This should be enough reason to accept that it is the prana sarira that feels pain. We are not in destructive times, as the news would have us believe, we are half way down the birth canal to real life, the one we are meant to live, is about to begin; as Dr. K.C.V. used to say ‘the world is in the throes of a new birth’. Many of us had it quite good in the passing world of consumerism. We bought what we wanted, when we wanted. When our infatuation with a new possession wore off, we simply got a newer, bigger, better one: bigger houses; more powerful cars; more expensive wardrobes. We did not pay much attention to our gluttonous use of the world's resources and ignored all heed of the wise. As far as we are concerned oil and trees and water and air are abundant and eternal. Today, that arrogant and wasteful way of life is coming to an end and we are feeling the pain. But on the heels of that pain, if we choose to see it, is a renewed sense of abundance for what is truly meaningful: a life of love and sharing and sacrifice. We are creating new relationships with our environment; that which honours our resources and considers our legacy to future generations with

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