Page 134 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 134

interferences and putting back to the Ultimate. And that is to be done by that Mind.”(Complete works of Dr. K.C.V. Vol.1- page 206.)
Modern science informs us that higher frequency energy is more powerful than lower- frequency energy. When we infuse higher dimensional energy into a lower dimensional form, the lower energies must leave or be transformed. This is what our beloved Master has stated as we have seen in paragraph 4 above.”That means spiritual elevation up to the level at which even animals may begin to take in the effect. This is the actual purpose served in the long run by the practice of meditation.” By eliminating the lower density negative energies our tolerance will grow exponentially, as we will no longer unconsciously resonate with emotional pains of others in our prana sarira. We then will remain compassionate, but detached. Of course, without changing our thoughts or, at least, becoming aware of the thoughts that precipitated the painful emotions, cleaning our system will be only a temporary solution. That is why though every day we feel calm and relaxed and feel light after the cleaning session we feel the need to go through the process the next day. But when our prana sarira is thoroughly cleaned and is pure, we

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