Page 147 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 147

affirmed that there is no other intimacy and attention than this is needed in spirituality. {We can better comprehend the importance of method of Constant Remembrance of our system}. Rev. Lalaji continues to state that ‘It was the principle of elders and people of olden days to develop first faith, purify mind and gain stages because according to their mind, their only desire was to get nearer to Parmathma. As long as the mind is not cleaned and purified, these curtains will not go away. For the same reason, by cleaning of mind their faith becomes strong and they make their faith so strong that they do not have anything except that of Parmathma and whatever powers and attainments they had, they think them to have come from Parmathma and they belong to Him. {The origins of the method of cleaning given to us by the Master can be appreciated.}
3.) Vilayath avval is the first order of saintliness which means that the devotees have intimacy and nearness with Parmathma and nothing else. Such a yogi has “Khavarik” and “”Tasrufat” {Khavarik are called so, as they are capable of miracles. Tasrufat is having access to some body’s Atma or putting the thoughts in other person, influencing other person Etc. Perhaps this is what is now taught to us as Pranahuti. This type of aspirant

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