Page 149 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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Sometime or other he will be in that Ocean of Bliss without fail. But he is now under the illusion of thinking that the artificial and temporary worldly bliss to be good fortune and is immersed in it. Sometime or other he will come out of it. When time of consciousness leaving the Jiva comes, the divine feelings and love, which are there in him, are awakened and love and devotion develops in him. The effect of this is that the person forgets everybody except oneself.
He states that ‘There are seven layers of man’s individuality; soul, heart, head etc. When the first layer is achieved, the remaining layers are also achieved by themselves one by one. That is why the knowledge of intermediary steps is hidden from the common man. He cannot have the discretionary knowledge of them. But Real Man or Poorna Yogya has the elaborate knowledge of the difference between the steps. Ordinary common man cannot have the knowledge of them. According to him, ‘Common man’ includes Pandit, Moulvi and some apparently learned people. This knowledge is only related to the abhyasis.
Grand Master classifies devotees of God according to their stages.
1. Ayad or Abid 137

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