Page 152 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 152

this respect. It means that Atma cannot be clearly shown in this world and nothing can be known by these eyes. God has also hidden himself from the eyes of everybody in spite of His presence everywhere. For the same reason, often, generally people think other people in the world to be similar to them and know them as such. There is neither ahankar in them nor any desire or pomp. These have attained the state of Abhudiyat.
Malamita category inspite of being complete Jnani, do not think or act against Nature. They always have the disposition of a devotee and serf. A few of the Malamita category are considered as “thucch” as they like to exhibit themselves in such a way, which is normally objectionable to the common people but in fact that may not be against the law of dharma internally and people may not be able to understand its subtlety. For example talking incoherently, shouting like a mad man and doing several things which make people think that they are “thucch”. Such people hold the entire creation in high esteem. Whatever they exhibit is all artificial.
‘Will’ is both a verb and a noun. As a verb, it means to choose between two things, to desire. As a noun, it means the mental power by which a person can direct his or her thoughts and actions.

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