Page 166 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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and its vagaries. Reason and rationality seem to fail us in the path.
Thus we are compelled to go beyond the ordinary dilatory tactics because self-interests dominate over true justice. Truth is not a compromise of standpoints, it is something that arises out of the intuition that develops and grows and is awakened into being through these processes. However human character demands a change of approach of attitude towards its own well- being. When this becomes the habitual way by being constantly chosen as such, despite gravest provocations then we can conceive of a time when it could become universal. Thus individual transformation is paramount to human transformation. The claim of the path of the Master is that through the process of Pranahuti the tendencies of the lower mind can be controlled and modified. Many studies made by the ISRC have proved this point and they should grant us the courage and wisdom to continue in the path with determination.
In fact modern man has quite a few choices– the Gandhian Way of life dedicated to non-violence and reasoning, a total abjuration of the ways of violence which he designated as animal reversion: the Aurobindonian Way of the Supramental

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