Page 168 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 168

according to science forward-looking, pragmatic and growing must be all sufficient to him. However the limits of science are found in the human personality itself – the serious problems of post-life or after death, the conscience within that seems to throw a shadow of itself on the future after life. But these may be exceptional to some men at present, it was a very common problem or enigma in the past – in the lives of the monks and sannyasins. This, science has not yet been able to solve, not to speak of undertaking to face. The world is too much with us: death poses no problem for it appears to be solution to problems not only regarding oneself but also of others as well. Liquidation of opponents even like the liquidation of unfits would be as it has been a quick solution.
This is surely a cynical solution. Spirituality and mysticism promises that men enter a greater life after death and a more lovable world would be their new home. God indeed has been said to reign there. Whatever the religion it has been at pains to reveal that a good life, a life of virtue and character maintained through all kinds of trials will lead to a world of happiness and release or freedom from all the sorrows that befall the good here. We have come to regard that this hope is perhaps a sheer

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