Page 180 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 180

from the divine Master. We because, we are blessed with the company of the Master due to the Pranahuti that was offered to us, I appeal should try to live in the environment of the Master who is shedding light all around. We have been the beneficiary due to the presence of the Master in us and we are duty bound to enable many others to have Him in their hearts. We are enjoying the pure joy and happiness that accrues from loosening the knots of frustration and consequently dwelling in an atmosphere of expanded awareness. Such a joy is something that swells as we share.
Master asserted that during the days of celebration of the Masters spirituality would be oozing from the canopies of the divine. We do imperience the same and are very conscious of that. Yet, after being immersed in the joy of the showers of divine grace we very soon get into a state that is in a different plane. We seem to quickly forget the state in which we were and cave into the pressures of the mundane world. To be precise we seem to drift from the divine realm to that of undivine. If we then contemplate over our condition we feel exhausted and frustrated with ourselves. If only we continue to live in the atmosphere of Master we would be feeling the rarefied air around us and be

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