Page 19 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 19

effect of the environment further”. So the environment is something that is in your head but not outside, because it is a situation as viewed by you. We are not talking about the gross physical environments because the subject under consideration is one of thought, one of divinity and one of meditation. We are not talking about the amount of pollution that is available in a cement factory. That pollution is physical and it doesn’t give a load in your head unless you have got an odd notion that cement itself is bad for the world. You can’t help it, that production process has got that problem. A hospital throws a lot of pollution outside, all sorts of syringes and all sorts of dirty material is thrown out. That is a way of disposal that you are taught but you can’t help it. Nobody thinks about that pollution when he sits in meditation. They are not part of our internal environment. They are part of the external environment. Most of us give excuses of these disturbing thoughts that we have got and then say “This helplessness of man may be treated as his defence”. Most of us would argue “Sir, unfortunate fellow he is suffering from those thoughts”, we try to talk on behalf of him and
take a defense for him. Some people do that. 7

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