Page 201 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 201

we do have such Oneness and Suchness. Dr. K.C.V. says “The command of God or the vision to execute in the temporal context the intuited truths of the supramental vision is an imperative, a sacred calling which the mystic or the religious seer cannot even think of disobeying.” (Reference: vol x - pg 510) To Imperience is not enough. We should attend to the call of the imperience with courage and confidence. It is an imperative or a sacred duty. It is not enough that we realise; we should enable others to realise as early as possible. That is the greatest service we can do.
It is not enough to say that we meditate and follow the other meditational practices as prescribed. Perhaps it is true that nothing more needs to be done if we meditate as prescribed. There is nothing better to improve our spiritual well-being than meditation. Regular contact with the divine promotes radiant health, inspired thoughts and profound peace. Throughout the ages regular meditation has been considered a praiseworthy practice by the enlightened. But today's times are unique. With the increased pace of life and the many more responsibilities we must shoulder, most of us do not have the luxury of spending years in cloistered solitude, gradually increasing our

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