Page 236 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 236

to judge whether his training is rightly directed or not. A man tamely and unquestioningly follows the instructions of one whom he has accepted as his Guru and practices as he is required by him to do. It is very difficult for him to ascertain whether he is being guided along the right path or not. This is a great problem before the people who are themselves quite ignorant in matters concerning realization. You will find numerous teachers of religion who will tell you not to eat garlic, onion or carrot and insist upon you to adopt Sadhanas and practices, which have no real significance or a hundred other, such triflings, which will never lead you, even a step nearer to reality. This is no training. Such teachers are really deceiving themselves as well as those whom they teach. You must be sure that unless internal peace, calmness of mind, simplicity and lightness follow as the natural result of your practices, you are proceeding on the wrong lines and that your training is defective.”9
The real man obviously is a perfect man. In practical terms the perfect human is one who is in full control of senses, his feet and hands and his tongue and loins. More than anything else he is one who serves the interests of others selflessly. This concept it may be noted is something that does not

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