Page 237 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 237

accept the concept of original sin. Man is pure by birth and this is stressed in many places by the Master and His call has been to get back to the original condition of purity; purity of consciousness also called as the Home Land. Such a perfect man is what we have in our Rev. Babuji Maharaj which is a perfect copy of the original Creator or God.
The perfect man or real man incidentally it may be noted sees every individual of the human species completely as a copy of others. In none of them there is any lack in regard to what others have and limitations are but accidental. Like someone may have lost his hands or feet or even what we call mind. All the differences are due to samskaras only: otherwise each one of the human beings reflects others. This concept is crucial in understanding the possibility of empathy in us. But for these differences in samskaras the individuals are like mirrors facing each other reflecting fully each other. It so happens that there are people in whom we can find things present in potential while in others these are actually there.
The Real Man is a friend of God. Arjuna the Nara is a friend of God Narayana. Similarly when we have gained the link to the Master every one of is a Nara and has the God as our friend. Then we

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