Page 238 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 238

become close to the Divine. True every one of us has our own angle of perception and may be considered as different from others. Also amongst us there are differences in degree of perfection, we can find perfect ones and more perfect ones, but no one of us is gifted in this world with more of perfection than our beloved Master. His personal qualities, his inner stations, his deeds and several of his words testify to this. He is the perfect man. We when perfect and become friends of God connect ourselves to him like perfection to a higher perfection. He is the Maha Parishad around which evolve all the spheres of existence/being. He is the unique Special Personality who performs in different forms and persons according to His will and pleasure and according to the need of the hour and station of work.
One more thought before I conclude the paper. The difference between the words immediate and automatic should be clear. The word automatic would mean capable of operating without external control or intervention. The word immediate means instantly or spontaneously or without delay. To understand that we would become real man instantly on approaching the real master obviously is not what Master has meant. That is undeservedly greedy. It

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