Page 24 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 24

and then you will be given your feed, not now. No, no we get up. There are certain odd notions amongs the people because we say that you maintain the posture as far as possible, they say, ‘Sir I had to forcibly change it’. Why are you so much vexed about that problem? If you have to change it, change and keep quiet. Why are you giving an idea to it? If the Ass gives a jolt we are not going to stop the journey is it not? If it gives a jolt, let it give; we are going, we will go further. Why are you obsessed about that jolt and then take it as an excuse to get up? You are throwing the blame on the ass, actually the blame is with you. So grasping it firmly is what we want.
“The renunciation develops automatically in our system” this is one of the highest of traps because Babuji puts it “It automatically happens” so ‘it should automatically happen Sir’. All other things he has said early is forgotten and this sentence alone is taken. This is one of the traps, your mental traps. The sloth in you gives you the trap, the laziness in you gives you the trap, the animal in you gives you the trap, please note it. Here the point is, in our system what is being done is, there is a diversion of the flow from the lower to the upper as has been explained in the “Efficacy of

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