Page 242 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 242

in the immediate presence of the Master deep within our hearts where it beats. The rhyme and rhythm of the heart beats we hear during our meditations is the splendor of divine play within us and lending our ears to it we enter deep states of Samadhi as if we are entertained with a lullaby.
One of the helpful ways to become aware of our imbalanced states is to learn as to how we got lost disconnecting our parts: as Rev. Babuji puts it is that ‘irony of fate’. We can learn this only through meditation and diary writing. When the song of the divine is not heard and we hear the trumpets and drums of internal strife and external war we find ourselves thrown in noise and tempest as it were. Watching our thoughts and feelings going amuck and none of the individual thoughts and feelings lasting more than a few seconds we start learning how temporary and transient the thoughts are. We remember the Master and relax and let go and do nothing with the thoughts and feelings. This is the internal Vairagya we develop. Once this is established we find we are in a state of Surrender to the moment and immediately the thought of the Master flashes and along with it we start feeling reverence and devotion. Thus by being detached and observing the immediate presence of the Master

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