Page 25 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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Rajayoga” because of that this particular wisdom comes to you and he says the original impulse, you know, the first impulse that comes to you. “But I would say, when once we have realised that these are the spoiling agents, it means some diversion has come in.” For this you don’t have to do “Swaadhyaya Pravachanecha”, for this you don’t have to do sravana; for this you don’t have to do manana. You don’t have to know that it is wisdom to get up early in the morning and not to sleep further. It is wisdom to think about the permanency of God and impermanency of this material life. It is wisdom. For that we have been asked to read lot of literature in tradition so that every day you go on hearing that, understand the importance of that, and all that work has been done by the Master by the twist that is given to you, by the upliftment that is given to you in your heart from the lower portion to the upper portion as has been explained in the “Efficacy of Rajayoga.” That is what is automatically happening, that is what the divine impulse does, not your development of Vairagya - that is your headache. You have to catch it, you have to live up to it. That is the owning up the condition. I hope I am clear if there is any difference of opinion on this, please kindly explain to me because I know this is one of
the traps. Everybody would expect that he should 13

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