Page 257 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 257

simple void or shoonya. Our merger with Master is a progressive six-stage path. The various stages of devotion, surrender (that includes selfless service), Prapanna (earnestly seeking Master’s grace), Prabhu (experience of all as Master), Prapanna Prabhu, and Laya (oneness with Master) are progressive and imperienced by serious sadhakas every time they meditate. It is a matter of imperience that we go through all these stages during our meditations though we may not be able to consciously delineate the stages. Due to our regularity in sadhana and with increasing depth of experience each of these phases brings us closer, until we are fused in a final state of perpetual bliss consciousness, or Master.
It is our duty to share this blissful consciousness with all. Rev. Babuji Maharaj is the source of happiness. He always asked us to be happy and said that is the divine will. It is tonic and elixir of our life to consider holding happiness as our basic intention of life. When we feel happiness our heart revels in delight and joy. It grants us ‘santushti’ or the wisdom to be contented always. This is the energy that opens doors to harmony in our lives and the vibration that is infectious. Can we not be happy for all the blessings that flow to us from Master? I know it may be difficult to truly be happy when things

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