Page 27 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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sloth, know that there is something like permanent and there is something like impermanent. Know there are certain values, know also there are pitfalls. Know that there is always somebody who is prepared to put a snarl around your neck and then drag you by it. Call that attachment to your wife or children, father or mother, grandfather or grand children it does not matter much. Money or otherwise, there is a snarl. You are a dog, you are an animal they put it on your head and then drag you by that. Are you prepared to say No? If you don’t say no then nobody can help and that is what this sentence “Our duty”, duty because our duty is to realize, our duty is to be free not to be bound. Bound by attachments, bound by other things you have no business to be bound. It is our duty to be free. How many of us understand it? People talk about it is right to be free. Right for freedom is what everybody talked about in politics, here we come across the Master who talks about a duty to be free, uty to realize. It is a primary duty of man to realize - that is what he says. It is our primary duty not only duty, but then have we understood it that way? Our primary duty is to beg. If I may be pardoned, that is the approach of majority of us. ‘O Master grant me this, O Master save me from this’ and Master says
free yourself from the Master. Our ultimate aim is 15

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