Page 28 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 28

not to be bound by the Master also, free. “Swarajya Mapnnothi”,“Apnothi Manasaspathim” that is you become the Lord of your own mind, are we? Or are we are having thoughts which chain us all the time, bind us all the time, restrict our movement, constrict our path? Is this not what is happening to us? Is it anybody’s making or our own? It is our own and since it is our own, it is our duty to get out of it, nobody has put us in bondage. When the process of meditation that we have got namely thinking that there is a divine light in your heart itself is putting divinity in a cage. Have you thought about this idea? Have you ever read seriously about that particular article? Divinity, which is unbound, unlimited, infinite, all pervasive, we are trying to put it in our heart. That means we are trying to put that into a cage and then he says it flutters and it wants to get out. He says it will definitely try to get out so you also get out along with it, he says and that is meditation, he says. Have you come across this type of thinking elsewhere? Does it not give you the courage to be free? Don’t you understand that our right is to be free? Duty to be free, duty to be in the company of the divine? Our interdependency with the divine, is it not the truth? All these thoughts come to you during your mediation. We would like
to be free; we would like to have the same 16

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