Page 34 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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too heavy to hold so get rid of it, refuse. The purity of God is such that it does not accept this impurity of Sat, Chit and Ananda. This is one of the greatest of statements made by the Master which, there are a quite a few here who have experienced and then they say yes it has gone by. Coming to truth, what is truth? What is refuse? Refuse is the heaviness we said and then what is truth which we consider as refuse? Truth is always with reference to something else. If I make the statement that this is a tumbler then it makes some sense. Truth by itself has no meaning, it is not an abstract concept; truth is a relative concept. A statement is true or false, there is nothing like a truth, per se. If you can identify God and then say this is God then he ceases to be God. So our mental modifications, our thoughts, our thought patterns or the community of thoughts that we have got which dictate most of these things to us, are the dirt and the refuse. And what is that community? Granting all of us are in the divine way, all of us are Daivi Pravritti because we are thinking in terms of the goal, there is a tendency towards the divine. I will not digress here to talk about the Asuric Pravritti which is the normal tenor and talk of all people who attend other religious discourses. I will not do that. Here is company of the divine people
who want to move on the path of the Divinity. Now 22

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