Page 37 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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Manusmrithi granted and Ambedkar Smrithi also granted, I have no objection. What does it matter? Somebody gives some code, but they are codes of social behaviour, good and bad, legal and illegal. From the absolute point of view, when you come to the stage of Neti-Neti, ethical propositions lose their value, it’s also dirt. Can we therefore apply the concept that it is dirt in a social behavior, surely not, and that is what Babuji Maharaj and Lalaji Maharaj say that in a society you follow the rules of the society. If you go to a place behave as people who go to that place behave. If you go to a Smasan, even when you have got the greatest of the Vairagya that the body is something that is perishable don’t laugh there, try to put the feeling of feeling sorrow. Don’t say that I am a realized fellow, I know this body is perishable, there is no need for you to worry. Don’t try to tell the slokas of Gita, “na ‘nusocanti panditah”. If you are a panditah, be a panditah in your home not in the Smasan. If you go to the smasan behave as a person who should behave like that. If you go to a temple behave like a person who goes to the temple. If you have got to do certain things in some places, go to a club, ok go to the club and behave according to the rules of the club. When you come to the meditation class, do
the meditation properly don’t try to tell something 25

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