Page 45 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 45

No, you can’t help the situation but your mind is just restless because of the attachment and lack of determination on our part. You don’t have to sacrifice, sacrifice the attachment at least, that is my request. Don’t sacrifice anything, sacrifice the attachment. First leave these attachments. That gives you peace of mind. My approach is not social justice, my approach is not ethical, I am just talking about purely spirituality. If you want to have high quality of meditation the best thing is to leave attachment to these things then where is the conflict? I will give you the right to rule the kingdom, forget for a moment that God who is helping you O Jesus and Jesus said No I will not. I Accept God, I don’t want your kingdom because He knows who should be the king or whether he is the king or not. Are we prepared to do that? Don’t you think that you want to be all that and have there not been perverse and very odd interpretations of ‘flying with both the wings’ of the Master, a theory which has been terribly perverted. Can you fly without a skew? Can you ever think of flying high? If the skew is towards the earth you go down to the matter. If the skew is towards the sky you go up. Flying with the both wings means straight fly that means you will only be cruising just like a car, at whatever level you are, at
whatever plane you are in. Has this not been one of 33

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