Page 74 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 74

get up, pull them up if you can. If you can’t, be at least safe.
“There is every sense in living”, now after having made the positive statement that he is making such souls. People say “What is there in life, Sir. The whole thing is rubbish. What is the use of this life? I got defeated, demoted, disgraced or they say I have reached the pinnacle Sir what is there more. I have reached the best place there is nothing more to get.” Both ways are there. “Not only in living but achieving the highest.” You must achieve the highest because he again tells you there is a duty. It is your duty to reach the highest, not something high, not something higher but the highest. It is a superlative side. ‘I am satisfied with my condition Sir’, I have come across many such abhyasis who when pulled up saying that you are trying to fall or you have fallen or you are tending to fall, please note please watch your condition, they don’t like it. ‘I am happy with my condition Sir please don’t pester me’. Ok I say because I don’t pester them. I don’t pester them consciously but I serve them unconsciously. I continue, I continue my service because that is my commitment that I have given to my Master when he said you please pass on my message and please note that everyone of

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