Page 80 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 80

of us? Would you not like to have whatever dish you want by going to such and such restaurant as you think fit. Is it not true? Am I telling anything that is not true. Ok at best you will add your spouse but the third person we don’t want. No brother-in-law in picture, no father-in-law in the field no mother-in-law in the field, no daughter in the field, am I right or wrong? What is the expansion of your consciousness? People talk to me, in meditation ‘there is an expansion of consciousness Sir’. What is that expansion? I would like to know. How far is it expanded? They confuse the relative states of calmness that they get with expansion because at that time you are lost. You think ‘I have got a great expansion’. That is nothing to do with expansion. You have to expand. your heart must expand. You should fly along with the Divine because he is not prepared to be in that cage, as he says it flutters and it flies and you fly along with it. Let the frontiers of your body be broken, let the boundaries of the family be broken so that you expand but are we prepared for it? Are there no constraints for it? Are you all that free? That’s one angle. Are you prepared? Are you ready? One is the individual approach. At least this portion we must be prepared. Yes I am prepared, I am ready, the constraints are something different. I
can understand that. We cannot grow even if we 68

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