Page 81 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 81

want to. Our boundaries cannot be extended beyond a limit but are you prepared? Are you prepared to argue for that case? Even if there were to be many others at your home who would not like you to do that, would you be prepared? Would you argue? But on the other hand we will say ‘I have yielded to that Sir.’ You don’t have even the courage to say I differ, lest certain bestial pleasures be denied to you. Am I right? If I were to talk to you as a sadhaka? Is it not the real question? Why do you compromise? Is it not for some bestial appeasement? For some physical needs, some psychological needs, compromises on spiritual planes are made because of bondages at the lower plane. “Swarajya Mapnoti” How? How do you get? You can get only when the Master of this type is available to you who is prepared to take you. At least yield to him, follow what he says. That is the reason why he has not touched the much disgusting aspect of the bestial existence all the time argued in tradition. ‘You can never come out of your Kama, you can never come out of your Krodha unless you leave the family you must become a recluse. you should behave like this you should behave like that’. Babuji refuses to talk about that. His commandments don’t talk about that. Understand.
His commandments do not talk about these things. 69

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