Page 82 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 82

The two vexed problems of life he does not talk. He says it is there. I will see to it that you mould. Meditate on point ‘A’, meditate on point ‘B’, I will do the remaining work. All that you have got to do is to hold it when the wisdom comes. No, you allow it to lapse. Every day he tells you, every day he gives you an experience of wisdom, every day we allow it to go. Sink, back into earth. So there is nothing wrong about our living or existing. Everything is happy here, know the path, move on.
“Nobody knows the shore”, again he tells you the same thing, beyond and beyond. He tells you again don’t think this is the end. You have got to go far.
“The beauty of the training of my Master is that spiritual life runs parallel to the life in the world, with ever increasing efficiency.” As I told you, much abused concept of our system is the parallelity. They think that both these things are equal. I do not know if there are many scientists here who can correct me. The two wings of the plane are parallel or straight I do not know, when it takes a skew what happens? These two wings are there. Are they parallel or are they in a straight line, they are in the same plane. Would it mean something that is not parallel? I leave it there

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