Page 89 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 89

some progress in our past lives otherwise we will not meet here. This system is so pure that nobody would walk into the system that easily because it is easier to go to some temple, some darga, some church or do some japam, some tapam, catch hold of some mantra, yantra, tantra whatever it is we can do but here this is pure spirituality. You don’t walk in here and stay here for sometime unless there is already a good Karma behind. There is something like the past that comes with us.
“My Master unequivocally declares: `Spirituality is my responsibility, as practice is your responsibility'.” So don’t try to give excuses for practice saying that Master will do the practice. You better do the practice, he will take care of spirituality.
“Religion is really the signpost on way to God realization, but you will have to pave the right way for yourself”. Those of you who have seen a sign post must be thinking that the road also is neat afterwards. It need not necessarily be so if you have moved in the interior villages of India or the mountains where several holy places are marked saying that this is the way to Jabali theertham, umpteen number of religious places are there in the Himalayas, you go this way you will get

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