Page 95 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 95

sleeper’s, we are sleeping for what? We are sleeping to the presence of the Divinity that is expressing himself here. It is the hour of the dawn, the first few years of His life, which is going to extend to a millennium. It is hour of the dawn still and we had the courage to say that the Sun has already come. The institute has got the emblem to say, yes here is the Master. It is no more the hour of dawn for me because 50 years is sufficiently long, we are facing the Master. We are having him. Now there is no point in sleeping even after the Sun has risen up. If it is the hour of the dawn and if you don’t get up there is an appeal but what right have we to sleep now when he has already come up. It is ignoring the presence of the Divinity, of the Master here that makes you sleep, that makes you slothful, that makes you disrespect his commandments. Every commandment has to be followed and if you don’t follow it please note that it is disrespect to the Master. It is disobedience to the Master. “The change, of course cannot come overnight”. The beast in us is not going to yield that easily. Our habits die hard, our attachments are too much. Even if I want to get rid of somebody else they don’t want to get rid of me. I asked my father, once as how would you summarize renunciation? Then he said when you come to a stage, there comes a stage, when you can say that I have nothing to do

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