Page 11 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
P. 11

Salient features of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga
own true nature. Thus the renunciation of the lower levels happens without effort by fixing it on the Ultimate as the goal. The individual begins to realize that the individual mind has become as such when it began to get away from the Centre of Peace (the Ultimate).
More important, of course, is the point that the soul begins to get the Ultimate’s peace and calmness; and simplicity begins to descend even as the individual is moving towards it or has totally surrendered to its contemplation. For it is a truth that one becomes what one contemplates. Thus the meditation on the Ultimate is the first condition of ascent. As Shri Ram Chandraji states “the gentle waves of the Calm of the Region of the Almighty begin to flow direct to the individual mind and so in the long run you become one with it” (Efficacy of Rajayoga P.10). The meditation on the Ultimate having been decided on and the Ultimate having been recognized as the Guru or God, it follows as to where and as what the Ultimate has to be meditated upon.

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