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Story of Revered Babuji Maharaj
countries and charged them for a change in the atmosphere in those countries.
In 1976 the number of members of the Mission increased considerably that it was considered necessary to construct an Ashram at Shahjahanpur. The number of persons attracted by the system increased day by day. Master's visits to other countries also increased. But age was against him as he had already put in about 35 years of active work for the cause of change and his frail and fragile body was not able to carry on the load of work. He started telling his close disciples the need to educate people properly in his system and also do further research. In 1982 he took seriously ill on his visit to France. He was brought back to India but he never recovered despite excellent medical care and attention and he left his mortal coil on 19th April 1983.
The Master is assisting us from the astral plane as he promised. "I shall be more useful when I (had) left my physical form". (see letter of Revered Babuji to Dr. K. C. Varadachari dt/- 30-1-1 M958).

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