Page 166 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Practice and Efficacy of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga
sense of service to each other was the theme that he propagated and practiced ever since. Unfortunately his daughter died of small pox on 12th Dec.1934 giving him and his young wife happiness only for 2 years. Later from 1936 he worked at Lingaraj College, Belgaum. His first son Aravinda Rajagopal was born in July 1935 and his second son Srivatsan in June 1937. His third son Narayana was born in June 1939. His father retired from Government Service in 1939 and settled at Tirupati.
Dr. Varadachari's interest in Aurobindonian philosophy matured and he found close links between the Integral Philosophy of Aurobindo and the Visistadvaita and expressed them in his writings. He was one of the acknowledged authorities in this philosophy and Sri Aurobindo himself has endorsed his writings as authentic in many letters to his admirers. A very strange event occurred again in his spiritual life. He met Sri Aurobindo and sought initiation in 1937. When he sat with his chest bare before the Advent, he was informed that another person will initiate him later and Sri Aurobindo

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