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Story of Revered Dr. K.C. Varadachari
Srivaishnavism and would not leave come what may. He had to put up with many situations of insult and disgrace in the hands of management and his fortitude was sufficiently built up by such incidents and became stronger spiritually by the day. In May 1941, his wife delivered the first female child Padmini, after three boys.
His practice of Raja Yoga which was running all these days steadily became more intensified and his journey inside into the deeper depths of consciousness commenced. On 19th Oct.1943 he had a revelation of Agni, which he records as his initiation/revelation by the Fire God. It is pertinent to note that Agni is the lord of aspiration and is the connecting link with the Divine. When he referred this experience to his maternal uncle Y.K.Narasimha Charier known for his spiritual way of living and also known to possess super sensory capacity initiated him with Prana on 14th Mar 1944. It may be noted that in the Srivaishnavite tradition the maternal uncle is the most important person. In April 1944 another daughter Chitra was born.

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