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Story of Revered Dr. K.C. Varadachari
abhyasis for opinion. I read the book and asked for further particulars. I reviewed the book for The Hindu, Madras and I found that some three gentlemen responded to it by getting into contact with its author Sri Ramchandraji. He then wrote to me offering to help me in spirituality. I thus entered into this sadhana because here was an offer to lead me, to accept me as a disciple and sadhaka - and not on my request but by himself. I felt that I was not accepted by Sri Venkateswara or Sri Aurobindo and to me only Sri Ramchandraji himself came in 1956,57,59,60 and has led me to spiritual experiences. So, I was led to test these carefully and was made a Preceptor in 1957 so that I could myself see how the spiritual training is done."
He has stated his condition as follows in his diary:
"Thus I found myself made to abjure the old theoretical ways of approach. I had to remake myself in a new way. I had to take stock of my whole past. All sectarian and caste conceptions had to be rethought. Philosophies help bind people to set

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