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Story of Revered Dr. K.C. Varadachari
for the Sahaj Marg - even as the Master's son's event a few years ago - this will be having a shattering effect. Master may very rightly think, that all these are trivial in the life of the abhyasi and those who seek the refuge of this Path, but I see the shattering effect on faith in the marga itself." Mark his attention to the system and his love for the Path.
During the period he has been progressing in the higher realms of spirituality and in fact was traversing the rings of Splendour. He completed his journey in the First ring of Splendour on 14th Feb 1960, the Second ring on 3rd Feb 1961. Entering the Third one on 22nd April 1961 he had leaped into the State of Sayujyata on 16th Aug 61 in the third ring. He entered the Fourth ring of Splendour on 18th Nov.1961.
He retired from service on 31st May 1963. His eldest son was still through education doing Ph.D. His youngest son was studying Engineering and two daughters not married. The responsibilities were weighing very heavily on him. His first son was married on 31st Aug 1964. On 10th June 1965 his

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