Page 19 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Salient features of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga
thoughts. The principle of substitution of the higher in the place of the lower or perverse modifications stated in the Yoga Sutras (Vitarka-bhavane pratipaksa-bhavanam) is masterfully adapted to this new technique of purification of the thoughts. After this practice, meditation becomes naturally purified. Concentration becomes naturally established.
Shri Ram Chandraji has already given the method of purification by those who have surrendered to the Master and can take him as the object of meditation. The Master is described as the Ocean of Bliss. Bliss of course means the Ultimate though we go beyond bliss itself to the state that makes bliss possible. We are also asked to think that we are seated in this Ocean and that the waves of the Ocean which have the property of removing all dirt and disease are flowing through us, having this unique quality even like the X-rays which can pass through us without being obstructed by any element. Thus the dirt and diseases are removed.
Dirt and diseases which are the causes of our misery or non-bliss, are of three kinds, physical, vital

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