Page 26 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Practice and Efficacy of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga
thought process. The thought process is getting annihilated. Somebody else is thinking all the time for us. Let us warn ourselves against this onslaught on thought process and allow it to be not a casualty. Because that is the kingly thing in man. That is the only distinguishing factor between animals and us. No other species has got this capacity. It is a special gift of God for us, a gift that we are now trying to squander away and allow somebody else to exploit it with whatever little mind he has got. He has got every right to say whatever he wants to say just as we have every right to say whatever we want to say but we are not here to get brainwashed.
There are two words in tradition, which I would like to use in this connection. A person who has got all other abharanas (ornaments) has got no great value, but a person who has got jnana and vairagya is considered to be possessing very precious jnanavairagya bhooshanam. Please note it. The most precious thing you can have is jnana, i.e. knowledge, and the greatest knowledge you can have is vairagya. Jnana does not mean ultimate or

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