Page 40 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Practice and Efficacy of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga
traditional methods which have been given to achieve this are fasting, diksha, yatra, be away from the family, all of which are desperate solutions because everybody understood that unless one detaches himself physically from the environment it is not possible to progress. For one in grhasta ashrama it was said to be impossible to attain realisation or brahma jnana. Detachment is necessary to get rid of the samskaras and vasanas. Unless samskaras and vasanas are removed it is not possible to move towards ‘tyakta’ and ‘bhunjita’. But annihilation of self is the basic point for us. Union is the goal and what is the union – feeling the presence of Divinity which has given us the life and continue the tradition which He has given – and then what is the tradition God has given us – sacrifice in order for other persons’ happiness. Purusha suktha clearly tells that Purusha medha (the sacrifice of the Purusha – God) was meant for expressing His happiness in His expression namely creation in which human being occupies the top most position. That means the Divine meant happiness for all of us.

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