Page 41 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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The Practice of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga and its Efficacy
So if we want to achieve that principle or character of life and we want to have the union, all other goals take lesser priority. It is to be noted that the union sought for is not to become one with the Ultimate – the goal is to express the Ultimate and to sacrifice one’s interest to such an extent that there is happiness all round in which we are also included. When we try to give happiness we cannot help but get included and the analogy of the candle does not hold well in this respect. A candle always throws a shadow below itself and the shadow if we take it, as detachment then it is all right but if you take it as the nature of light itself it is not proper. The candle is meant to give light to others, it incidentally casts a shadow down – immediately below, but that shadow is not the nature of the candle. The candle is happy giving light to others through a continuous process of sacrificing its existence, it is able to emanate and generate happiness – light for others and so does the Sun. Therefore, it is God. He is God because He makes us live. The Sun dies every second so that we may live. If we remove Sun, then we cease to
exist. So feeling the presence of Divinity or reaching

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