Page 99 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Story of Revered Lalaji Maharaj
He was a great scholar of Urdu, Persian and Arabic, and had a sound knowledge of Hindi and Sanskrit. He had disclosed hitherto unknown secrets of the Vedas, illuminatingly Interpreting important richas and bring Reality to light. Controversial phrases and words commonly used in scripture, but generally misunderstood, were explained in such a simple way and in such easily understandable works coined by him that real knowledge became common property.
He taught, " Never offer advice unless invited, otherwise it is likely to yield bad results. If you find any fault with anybody, pray for his freedom from it." He himself never directly asked anyone to give up any bad habit. All such bad habits and afflictions left that person in no time after he had been with him. Commenting on this method he used to say, "If you sit by a fire, you feel warm; if you sit by ice, you feel cold. Why they will you not get transformed if you sit with a person who is perfect in discipline and etiquette?" He never talked about anyone's faults. In

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