Page 108 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 108

dormant and then they manifested. However this is not acceptable to the Advaitin. Master however holds when the Kshobh started, that power, which stirred also, stirred the individualities lying dormant and the individuals expressed themselves by coming outside the Base.
Because the individual soul that has already had the taste of the origin, though comes out, wants to get back. But seeing before him the display of Kshob, Nature, Prakriti, he gets involved in it and gets carried down. A recurrent theme of Revered Babuji's philosophy has always been this, the origin of Kshobh, the Latent motion and Stir, the fall or creation. Latent motion is in individual, Stir is a cosmic thing. Divinity wills this creation, but then the individual who was with Origin was not inclined to sit there, he also comes out. In this connection there is a Sufi story to be recounted. God was with all the souls. Before creation we were all present, the individuality in the dormancy was also present. Then perhaps for His own Leela (divine play), no one explains why it happens, the Divinity created the world. Then nine out of ten souls who were around Him ran towards it, and got into the play of

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