Page 114 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 114

In the evening Sandhya, when the heat is over, it cools down and this reminds us of the state at Pralaya. The beginning, the dawn state brings to our memory the time of creation. The end state of withdrawal, the evening Sandhya suggests everyone is going to his original state some time or the other and will unite with the absolute. Evening is used for cleaning. There a logic behind it. When we get back to the Base, the individual pralaya has to happen. The general pralaya is not the point as it is far off. Individual pralaya means we have got to get rid of various samskaras covering us as mala, vikshepa or avarana. We have got to get rid of all our samskaras. This is the time which is the most natural for us to withdraw. The whole night is one of the dormancy in the Absolute. The whole day is representation of dawn to pralaya. That is why in the ancient literature of this country, it is told not to disturb people who are asleep in the night. The main reason for it is, during sleep we are in the company of the Divinity. That profound concept has to be understood well.
Asking us to sit in one and same pose, the commandment moves from the concept of Origin to the asana aspect. We have noted the

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