Page 118 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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in a particular place, Revered Babuji says, we should be in a position to feel Him also. That is how He has discovered or located the places where Lord Rama or Lord Krishna and others have lived and moved in their times. It is a fact of spiritual experience to note that the consciousness of Great personalities leave some sort of an effect on the place. Therefore if we have been meditating with the idea that Revered Babuji is helping us in our Sadhana in our meditation rooms over a period of time that particular place gets charged with what we call "Sri Ram Chandra's Consciousness" and that place is something where we find calm pervading always. What if we meditate in our chair, sitting in our drawing room is not the correct attitude. But these lapses are likely to happen. That is why He insisted, even when we feel we are advanced, to meditate in a particular place, He particularly practiced it. In Shahjahanpur, those of us who know Him know that though He used to be sitting in the verandah, there was no occasion for any one of us to sit for meditation before him in the verandah. He always asked us to get into the room, and He used to give sitting only in that room. A principle today most of the masters

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