Page 122 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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Pranahuti Aided Meditation
- Sri.K.C.Narayana
The system of Pranahuti aided meditation consists of two parts. One is the practicant's role and other is the master's support. In no other system that we are aware of, we have this direct support of another person in the meditation. They give perhaps a mantra or tell a particular method of practising and the role of the supporter or the master ends there. The guru disciple relationship continues for a long time, perhaps for a life time for that person but still it is only an occasional meet and no discussion what so ever is generally held on the spiritual aspect of the life. Except the external behavioral aspect no body talks about the internal things. There are some who had developed certain intimacy with the gurus and perhaps also knew certain elementary aspects of sadhana but beyond that they said guru is god and he will guide you through.
In our sadhana, because of his level of approach a person who moves on in his yatra to the level of Brahmand, (i.e. when he is not confined to his Pind Desh or selfish interests)

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