Page 127 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 127

them. But don't concentrate on the blemishes of the person. See the good in him who is trying to help you and then you will have the support. So this support that is coming to us is from an act of will of another person, which is not vitiated by his selfish interest. We must make sure then only it can be transmission. Otherwise we should cease to have any help from such people. Because they will make you a pashu. You will become a guru pashu. Don't become one. We are here seeking liberation. We are seeking freedom. We are not prepared for bondages. No yogi is offering himself for that, no man for that matter should become a beast. Beast is one, which is controlled by others. Man has to stand on his own. We have to go out of this lower level of consciousness to the higher. There is an animal in us, there is a man in us. We must move on to the higher stage. For that we are going to take the support of another person. That person should be one who is established above his body. He is the person who has got the indriyanigraha as Babuji puts it. A person who has control over his senses. That means body, as far as we know is nothing but a structure that is governed by the sense organs. We have got to be

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